A professional career in the field of animal nutrition, oriented towards different international markets. An expertise at the service of his partners through the development of original concepts.   After a professionalized further training in the field of poultry farming , the world of business companies became the daily life of André-Yves Bourgès from 1979 onwards, whether large groups (Guyomarc'h, UFAC) or innovative SMEs (BCCG Conseil, Vitalac, Valorex) ; his experience extends to the main vital functions of what is a Company (Technical and Production, Human Development, Commercial) and to different levels of responsibility (technical specialist, manager, consultant, executive officer). André-Yves Bourgès worked for several years in a group specialized in the nutrition of piglets, starting as a consultant, then as a commercial manager in charge of the development of the French and European markets of industrial feed manufacturers. The acquisition by the group of a company
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